Sape2 yg tersesat masuk page nie . I’m moving to Vlog.

Sekarang dalam proses buat gathering for youtubers malaysia

It will be the first malaysia youtube 😀
The main objective of my vlog is simple , change the way how malaysia youtube user used youtube.

Let me get it this way , a person klu buat video ,trust me ,first2 memang bodow ,tapi lambat laun ,akan lahir talent dalam buat movie ,there’s a lot of user yg pandai buat movie at youtube ,tapi sama je ,x dapat sambutan kerana pengguna youtube bukan suka nak guna youtube tgk benda2 vlog n hasil orang ,lagi suka tgk bab politik then gado2 :|.

I follow this rules ,it doesn’t matter how many subscribers or views u’ll received for ur each video , but what msg that u sent across is mostly important :).

That’s all for now

Moving to Vlog 😀

Ada link for many vlogger at my channel overthere .

Do check it out

My vlogging style – Rant 😀

BUkan jenis ,

Owh …i got stomach ache , come see my CPU,show off and stuff :D.



Friends ..

April 2, 2008

A letter that i’ve received from a close friend of mine . It’s like a deja voo .


Let me just go straight to the point jerlah kei helmi…

Our friendship nie….it has been a treat to my relationship senang cete mcmtu lar…ade org assume maybe i will have something going on with u… nie suma tak leh nk salahkan dia gak… coz its my fault gak… coz dulu i pernah still ade contact dgn my ex that is ezanee…while being with azmi…so its consider like cheating gak lar… byk kali i tpu azmi…mgkir janji tapi still buat lagi…coz that time hati panas time to make mistake…its life…but i guess apa yg terjadi nie pun its life lar kot…

i mintak tlg please stop contacting me…tak kira melalui apa sahaja… ym ker facebook ker myspace ker ape2 jerlah..stop it…i nk jaga hati dia for the last time…where by i really wanted to change…i guess he just dont have the patient to wait for me to change coz i nie degil sgt… keras kepala…suka mungkir janji…penipu…unfaithfull…im the worst that a gurl could be helmi…tak guna u kwn dgn org cam i…

at this moment pun…dia btul2 dh tak leh tahan dgn i dah helmi… i hurt him so much…i cant make him happy…i nk brubah tapi kate dia i tak de initiative langsung nk berubah…i have stoped opening ym n myspace suma…stop…slama nie dia yg bukak…n when he saw your msg to me in ym…hum…he said….i havent changed…thats sad…coz bila i ckp i nk delete dia tak bg…hum…
i dah ketepikan kwn2 baik i yg lain but not you at first ….whereby u know my frends r important for me kan…now that dia pun angkat kaki…thats great lar…padan muka i kan…so please…just leave me alone kei…jaga lar relationship u n your gf gak…kena paham gak..even kita mmg tak ade ape2 perasaan kat each other…

its okey lar helmi…u know i dh jatuh i akan naik balik kan…as for this time im really on my own…without any friends…or even the one that i love…only me myself n i & my family….

i harap…u tunaikan pemintaan i nie…show some respect to Azmi… where i loved with all my heart…i really want to changed i guess we were never meant to be with each other lar agaknye… so just tc lar kei… i hope he will be okey…n helmi…u tau i bila i sayang ssorg mcmane kan… i give him everything…as at this moment i buang kwn2 i…dunia i…i do anything to show to him that i want to change…he walk away from my life…i’ll let him be…biarkan lar dia tinggalkan i…jgn i tinggalkan dia…u adalah the best friend i’ve seen and a best listener,i’ve should took ur advised before ,but jeez’s too late for now.U r really a great person .But i’ve got to show some respect to Azmi.

tc kei helmi…bye…
It’s hurt a lot … and make me questioned myself .. does everyone hate me ?
Sung by a friend of mine also . From Sabah.


Handsome kan ? This is an old friends of mine . Budak yg sangat baik dulu . And guess what, his dad is ahli surau near my home 🙂 .

Look at this pic .. I was SOO SHOCK ALSO! Dengan banggnya tunjuk kat orang 😦

Where is the old friend of mine ..dear Az***


But good part of these pic was , he received byk kutukan dari ramai gurl yg definitely cun 😛 . And got some of sister yg aware do comment bad things about this kid . But believe me .. Just before he get to know my other friend, Amin ( Not the real name ) He was a good person .. handsome but rendah diri . Not even smoking mcm skang ! Last time i’ve seen him is taun lepas punya lepas 😛 , lepas dia abis SPM . But ..these pic really broke my heart and i am really pissed of with Amin . Amin once seduced me b4 but since i’m a teacher’s son so ,i kena la behave coz everywhere i goes ,mesti ada people that knew me and said Anak Puan Toot . ( Rahsia 😀 )

To lovehatetragedy

March 21, 2008

Greetings ..i’ve posted some of my opinion , just for ur further info , i’ve rechecked my email , and i found something that would pleased u . Just wanna to confirm u that what ever i’ve posted on ur blog or things that i’ve said is not based on reading only , i’ve asked quite a FEW people also.

This is a translation of Gospel of John original Greek font where I’ve received from the owner of the website . I’ll attached the URL after i can recall what was the URL for that Gospel of John Chapter 1 , Verse 1 in Greek Font . Also ,check the comment u posted on my previous blog , Slowly , Islam is … about the Trinity concept u’ve wrote to me 🙂 .

Date:      Tue, 30 Oct 2007 20:48:12 -0800
From:     “Noor Adeen” <>
To:     “Khairu Helmi” <>
Subject:     Re: Greeks will never live under islam again!
HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer ]

A’salaamu’Alaikum dear brother Khairul,

You’ve asked for the translated Greek Contex on my site . Here’s the reply .

The verse (John 1:1) in its original Greek Contex is written as this:

εν (at) αρχη (first) ην (is/was) ο (the) λογος (reason/intellect) και (and) ο (the) λογος (reason/intellect) ην (is/was) προς (towards/facing/with) τον (the) θεον (god) και (and) θεος (god) ην (is/was) ο (the) λογος (reason/intellect)

so once we translate the whole verse we’re basically seeing:

At first is/was the reason/intellect and the reason/intellect is/was towards/facing/with God (ton theon) and god is the reason/intellect.

The problem with that verse in Greek is that we see theos being written as just theos (god/diety) and not as o theos or ton theon, which are proper ways of saying God (or the god = al ilah = Allah). So the part which is written solely on its own as “theos”, could be implying just any random diety, of course with ton theon written before in the sentence we automatically assume that we’re still talking about the same God. Over all though, logos does not mean word in ancient Greek, and the translation of logos to word is a corrupt modern translation of the meaning for word. Funny thing is the Greek word for Dictionary is Lexilogio, which is a combination of two words Lexi (word) and logio (logos = reason/intellect) so you can’t say that lexilogio means wordword it means word-intellect, and the purpose of a dictionary is for the knowledge of words. The ironic thing is though, St John of Damascus who apparently had a high position during one of the Khalifa’s reign during 747(?) is that he translated the Arabic word for Word from Quran’s verses as 3:45 and 4:171 as Logos into the Greek. Strangely enough though, he was a scholar of Christianity whose opinion of Islam was that Islam was a heretic form of Christianity and as we all know that’s incorrect and not what the Quran refers to its self, for it does not call its self Christianity. He was probably the earliest critic of Islam, of course who knows how this man was allowed to function as he did while working for the Khalif.

I hope you find this information useful and I hope all is well insha’Allah

yalla salaam

Noor Adeen

Away ..tired T.T

March 21, 2008

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Recently i’m a bit tired .. Got involved in helping some of my friends ,i mean FRIENDS .Drawing their final year project technical drawing since most of our student didn’t knew how to draw in 3D. And answering some of questioned posted on youtube ..

Maybe will be back soon 🙂 . Here i wanna share some of interesting photo mostly from young user at myspace that i’ve seen. It really2 a shock ! They were still young and already … these are now days muslims :).

dddddddd.jpg l_267017045b750889dcf0595a7d5d25d8.jpg

With proud 🙂 . Siap tulis nama kat situ lagi 🙂 Yang this one is only 14 years old.


Hah ,baru add da show some stuff ^^!

Assalamualaikum ..

Well .. i wanna to share some of my opinion with nowdays teenagers or maybe . First and foremost , haven’t u guys noticed that most of us ,greet each other (muslims with muslims ), through comment or mail ,it started with : “Hey ! , Hye ! , Oits ! Hyep ! ” . Where’s the universal greeting for Islam “Assalamualaikum ? “. Well , here is some other people opinion that i chatted through YM .

Khairul Helmi: if u click browse at myspace punya command button
Khairul Helmi: there’s tonne of women wearing that shirt
Khairul Helmi: and making it profile pic
Khairul Helmi: it’s true yaw
fatin hanani: yeah.. i know..
Khairul Helmi: my personal opinion is , just maybe , maybe their parent won’t allowed them to wear those kind of clothes
fatin hanani: sumtimes it’s hard to identify her race..
Khairul Helmi: that’s right !
Khairul Helmi: and lagi obvious
Khairul Helmi: how we greet sesama kita
Khairul Helmi: sedar n x sedar
Khairul Helmi: how many time did i greet u with Assalamualaikum ?
Khairul Helmi: compare to Hye
Khairul Helmi: Oits
Khairul Helmi: n etc
fatin hanani: hehe]
fatin hanani: quite true..
Khairul Helmi: bahaya woo
Khairul Helmi: I pun da mcm kena evo dengan internet .Pelan2 tukar tanpa sedari Khairul Helmi: just jadi elok skit
fatin hanani: but i have a cyber fren..turkish..
Khairul Helmi: ok
Khairul Helmi: then ?
fatin hanani: he always greet me with salam
fatin hanani: everytime..
fatin hanani: although he sounds a bit different
fatin hanani: salamun alaykum
fatin hanani: hehe

Khairul Helmi: hehehe
Khairul Helmi: taw x per

Take note : Replying comment and chatting is 2 way conversation , some said that greet by using Assalamualaikum is unnecessary within text or letter . But replying comment, email and chatting is 2 way conversation , it’s not a blog.

Izzit true ? Just go to myspace , click the browse button , and there’s a tonne of malay muslims girl with tank top and sexy looking figure . Seriously , for what reason did ya all snapping pic while wearing some sexy lingeries ( Spagethi , nama baju tue rasanya,gelaran or etc 😛 ). I respect some of my fellow friend who are very pretty , and looking hot without the hijjab , but still wearing it. Then when got some pervert wanna add her or mailed her , she’ll pissed off . It was like “Hello ~ u r the one who seduce them with those sexy pic , and now u “act” like u r not that bitchy. My personal view is , Myspace really revolved our Malay into western Christian style . Oh , oh , there’s other facts also .. today couples were brave enough to upload their kissing pic into their profile . For what ?? U wanna told the whole society that u two are lovers ? It’s true ! I bet u won’t taking a long time to seacrh that kind of profile in myspace . For now , maybe pic of kissing cheek , later on ,switch to french kiss ..lama2 …hmm . I’m not a Holy man or an Imam. I do skip my pray sometime ( Jujur -sengaja n x sengaja ) , but i really dislike to see my own muslimah is so obsess with these new culture . Behave please .. if u refer to any Imam or Ulamak , they will totally agreed that nowdays muslim/ah is corrupted .

Actually ,there’s hell lot more of nowdays muslim/ah that corrupted . Such as new year eve , observable that there are plenty of girl hang out with a group of boys , wearing skirt , drinking and etc . Going to genting to spent a night with bf , 1 simple warning to girls out there . Jodoh tgn Tuhan ,it’s doesn’t matter how long or strong ur love is , then u have faith that that boy is ur jodoh ,and u make love ,well think twice . U DON”T KNOW UR OWN FUTURE , HE IS 50/50 ur future husband ,why won’t u girls waited until u both get married ,then ..aha!:P.

This is some of my opinion only . I really hope that my muslim /ah will take note. Someday later ,maybe Islam is just a name ..if we don’t change the way we are right now .

Misery Love Company

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Veronicas – Untouched , I can’t stay away.

Mushroomhead – Sun Don’t Rise

Slipknot – Eyeless

Vannesa Mae – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

今天你要嫁给我 – Marry me Today 😀

TRJS – Guardian

Jordin Spark ! -Tattoooooooooooooooooooooo

The song i kept repeating rightnow

Aahhh.. u guys should check this movie out – August Rush . Nice musical movie .